The only dog bed that your dog can’t get off of

Like a crate Umbii keeps your dog in a limited area! Umbii has no cage = more pets and treats!

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Umbii Bed helps you train your dog!

Train your dog with Umbii

Give your dog a comfy spot to be calm

  • Helps you train your dog

  • Helps your dog recover from injuries

  • Easy to clean removable cover

  • Give your dog a safe comfortable place to relax

  • Easy to store

  • Easy to transport

  • Teach your dog how to feel safe and behave in a open environment 


Reward your dogs good behavior with treats and affection 

Easily replace old or damaged covers

Only wash the outer cover and not the whole bed

Easy to wipe material keeps foam clean and dry

Easy to transport

Prevents bed from moving if dog jumps

Made to last and save you money

Harness encourages dog to lay down if he/she pulls forward

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