Life Stages Of a Dog

Newborn Puppy

0 to 8 weeks

Stays with mother and litter-mates

Toddler Puppy

8 weeks to 16 weeks

Puppy gets brought home

-Puppy goes through a fear stage

-Puppy listens and Is somewhat clingy

-Puppy sleeps most of the day 

-Level of difficulty: Easy 

Kid Puppy

16 to 24 Weeks

Chewing gets more severe

-Puppy’s curiosity grows

-Puppy begins to exhibit bad behaviors

-Puppy mostly listens and stays close by

Level Of Difficulty: Moderate 

Teen Puppy

24 to 48 weeks 

Puppy begins to challenge authority

Puppy begins to test his limits

Puppy wants to explore and gets distracted

Puppy’s instincts begin to take over

Level Of Difficulty: Difficult


1 to 7 years 

Negative behaviors that are corrected disappear

Positive behaviors that are reinforced solidify

Dog begins to understand limits and his place

Dog wants to please the leader 

Level Of Difficulty: depends on training


8 Years and Above

Dog has less energy

Dog grows accustom to routine

Dog listens

Dog understands what is expected of him

Level Of Difficulty: Easy

The Umbii Bed is like training wheels! Once your dog understands how to behave properly, he can then just use Umbii as a regular dog bed  

The Umbii Bed was created to give you an extra hand During the times you need it most

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning 
  • Taking care of kids
  • Working/ Studying
  • Entertaining
  • Eating


Training Tips

Potty Training

Dogs dont like peeing/pooping where they sleep

1) Take puppy to Go potty outside

2) Attract puppy to umbii bed at night or when your not keeping a close eye

3) Puppy will let you know when he needs to go

4) The best way to teach your new pup not to pee in your home is to prevent it or catch him in the act. 


1) Give dog plenty of exercise when you are expecting company

2) Attract and attach dog to bed close to the time you expect guest to arrive

3) Allow guest to come in and ignore dog until he calms down 

4) Once dog calms down give him the “Sit” command and allow guest to reward him by giving him a  treat and affection. 

5) Over time your puppy will learn that he must sit and stay calm in order to get affection


When dog begins chews on something hes not supposed to chew Oon or when your not keeping a close eye

1) Put dogs favorite chew toy on Umbii bed to attract puppy

2) Attach dog to Umbii Bed with chew toy until chewing frenzy is over. 

3) Over time dog will learn what he can and can NOT chew on



1) Put dog on Umbii Bed with toy or something he enjoys chewing on 5 mins before you begin to eat

2) Never ever feed dog from your plate or while sitting where you eat

3) Eat peacefully with-out having to worry about your dog in your face begging for food 

4) Over time the dog will learn that he is supposed to be on his Umbii bed while you eat



Stealing food from other dogs

1) Attract and attach dog to Umbii Bed 5 mins before his feeding time

2) First give other dog food

3) Command dog to sit

4) If dog doesn’t listen walk away

5) Once dog calms down repeat the sit command 

6) Reward dog with food once he is calm and sits

7) Repeat- overtime the dog will understand that he must sit and stay calm in order to get his food


1) Attract and attach dog to Umbii Bed 

2)  Give dogthe sit command

3) Begin to open the door

4) If dog stands up or begins to walk forward close the door immediately 

5) When dog sits give him a treat 

6) Again open the door slowly and if the dog doesn’t stand up immediately give him a treat

7) Increase the amount of time the dog sits with the door open before giving him a treat.. 

8) Repeat until dog understands that he is supposed to sit when the door is open 


 1) If dog keeps biting place him on his Umbii bed by attracting him with toys and treats

2) Continue to play with dog but this time when he bites say “NO” and walk away

3) Over time dog will understand that the playing stops when he bites



1Give dog plenty of exercise

2) Attract dog to bed and hook him in to prevent snooping

3) Give dog one of his favorite toys and tell him to stay



If puppy is harassing you or an older dog he might need a walk to reduce his energy. Once you walk your dog..

1) Attract and attach dog to Umbii bed

2) Give him his favorite toy

3) Continue to work