It’s Just Like a Dog or Puppy Crate, Without the Cage.

The World’s First “Place” Bed

  • Manage your dog’s movements

  • Pet and comfort your dog

  • Train your dog and give treats

  • Veterinarian-approved for dogs in recovery

The UMBii Bed keeps your dog in a limited area without a dog cage so you can still interact with your pet. With the UMBii Bed, you can pet, train, comfort and provide treats to your dog in a controlled setting with ease.

Once your dog gets to the edge of the UMBii Bed, the harness encourages him or her to lay down. Your dog can walk around and enjoy movement, but only on the bed.  This prevents “bad” behavior and allows you to create an environment for training opportunities for your dog.

How the UMBii Bed Works…

A Gentle Lead

Attaches to The UMBii Bed

Anywhere in Your House

What Makes an UMBii Bed Better Than A Crate?

Easy Access for Your Dog

When your pet is in a dog crate, it doesn’t allow access to food and water which is especially important when a dog is recovering from injury.  The UMBii Bed means your dog bowls can stay nearby and accessible to your dog.  You also have better access to pet and comfort your dog.

Chew-Resistant Cover

The inner cover is waterproof and highly chew resistant! This protects the foam insides and gives you a long lasting bed. The UMBii bed is made with durable materials.

Removable Cover

The UMBii Bed is made to last.  The waterproof outer cover is easy to take on and off and can be replaced if needed. 

Durable, Waterproof Material for Dogs and Puppies

Made of durable material,  you can easily wash the outer cover if your UMBii bed gets dirty or your puppy or dog has an accident.

Sticks to Flat Surfaces

The UMBii Bed cover sticks to most flat surfaces. Our dog bed cover is made with a rubberized material to prevent sliding.

Folds Up for Easy Transport

It’s impossible to watch your puppy all the time. Now you can watch your puppy or dog while you cook, work, entertain, etc. anywhere in the house. The UMBii bed folds up for easy transport or storage!

Are you ready to get an UMBii bed?

The first round of UMBii Beds sold out right away and we are taking pre-orders for our next batch which will be available in mid-March. Join dog trainers and veterinarians who agree that the UMBii bed is part of a balanced training program. Whether you were looking for a large dog crate or a medium or small dog crate, the UMBii Bed is a better alternative.

How Dog Trainers Use the UMBii Bed

UMBii Helps Prevent Bad Behavior Like:

  • Jumping

  • Begging

  • Accidents

  • Rowdiness

  • Chewing

  • Food Aggression

  • Charging

  • Harassing

We are teaming up with dog trainers to develop videos to show you how best to train your dog using the Umbii Bed. Keep an eye out for videos in the near future. Our main goal is to help you train your dog and make using the UMBii Bed easy for everyone to use.

The UMBii bed helps me achieve the perfect mix of control and freedom in my puppy training program.  The well-balanced training program is a mix of teaching proper behaviors and also appropriate stay quiet time. The UMBii bed is an ingenious invention that makes raising a good puppy so much easier.

John Sorosky

The Santa Barbara Dog Trainer

Are you a dog trainer? Sign up here to become an UMBii approved dog trainer and make it easier for people who want to train their dog with UMBii bed find you via our site.

Veterinarian Praise for the UMBii Bed for Dogs in Recovery

  • Prevents Re-Injury

  • Access to Food and Water

  • A More Comfortable Position for Your Dog

  • Does Not Interact/Hit a Cone

  • Allows You to Comfort Your Dog

  • Better Access to the Injury

When a dog is injured, it’s not easy to check on the injury from outside a dog crate. With the Umbii Bed, you can check and treat any area of your dog much more easily. When a dog has to wear a cone, there is more freedom of movement without a cage or plastic wall between the two of you.  You can monitor your dog and the injury from any room in your house by taking the UMBii Bed with you.

Umbii Bed is a wonderful alternative to crate training and orthopedic recovery.  I bought one for Rudy, my little terrier who has a shoulder injury and he loves it because of the added support, plus it is easily portable to take to outdoor restaurants that allow pets.  I think this would be a great alternative to consider to use and recommend for hyper puppies, recovering high energy dogs, training puppies, etc. I  just got a new puppy, Pirate McCoy, who terrorizes Rudy, so Rudy gets a happy time out with McCoy on the Umbii bed and I’m not worried about stepping on him when I’m cooking.  Rudy is also able to have some puppy time on his terms”.

Dr. Kerri Marshall


Are you a vet? Help your patients get better results with the UMBii Bed! Sign up here to become an UMBii approved Vet

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying About the UMBii Bed…

“Our dog Abbey used to charge at the door and jump whenever we had guests come to our house. We can’t believe how fast it took the Umbii bed to break her bad habits. Now we don’t even need to hook her in anymore when the doorbell rings. It’s truly amazing”

Jason Speivak

“The Umbii bed is a fantastic way to train your dog without having to use a crate.  My favorite part has been getting my kids involved in the training process.  It’s fun for them and allows them to take on responsibility and see quick results from their efforts”

Laura Miller

Umbii significantly helped me train my puppy, Atlas. When I needed her to settle down, I gave her a toy and hooked her in. Umbii works like a charm and was a lifesaver during her chaotic puppy stages. If you get a puppy you need to get an Umbii Bed”

Matthew Bower

“My son got a hyperactive puppy who would harass my other dogs when they came home to visit. We used the Umbii bed to teach him to be calm and focus on his chew toys instead of the other dogs and valuables during downtime. Umbii is a necessity when it comes to training dogs”

Melissa Ezzet

The UMBii Bed in the News…

Are You Ready to Try the UMBii Bed?

  • Manage your dog’s movements without a crate.
  • Pet and comfort your dog more easily while training or recovering from injury.
  • Train your dog and give treats from any room in your house.

The UMBii Pack

Rashelle Monet, CEO

Umbii, Good Vibes

David Machacek, CFO

Lou Izzo, COO